The decision of the VII World Scientific Congress (WSC)

November 26-27 2015 the VII World Scientific Congress on the topic: “Uniqueness in science and art“took place.

Respectable in the modern world  academicians and artists from the Russian federation and former Soviet republics participated in the work of the Congress.

1. The 7th World Scientific Congress supports and approves practical and organizational actions, which IHAC and IUFS conducts, and also the research direction of the reports and presentations on the Congress.

2. The congress contributed to the world science and practically-oriented activities concerning understanding, explanation, application and evaluation of the uniqueness in science and art in the organic interaction of the materialism and spiritualism, with the spiritualism dominating.

3. During the 7th World Scientific Congress “the Round Table” dedicated to the topical issues of science and culture development took place.

4. The participants of the Congress are planning to realize a a range of fundamental and theoretically and practically important research Projects:

1.1. The Opening of the United Research Academic Council (IHAC, IUFO, Academy of France, Russian Academy of Science Medicine and Technology, Rehabilitation Centre (Marcel, France).

1.2. International Registration of the Program «120+» in France (E.S.Postnov).

1.3. The opening of the Centre of Complex Rehabilitation “Maykov System” in France.

1.4. The opening Leechcraft Center in France (A.I.Krashenyk).

1.5. The opening of the Centre of Ophthalmology in France (Y.A.Utekhin).

1.6.  The opening of the Ecological Centre in France

1.7. International Registration of the medicine “Vitamedin M” in France (Y.V.Galtzev).

1.8. The opening of the Centre for International Tourism and Intercultural Communication in France.

1.9. The opening of the International Centre for Fundamental Economics in France (V.E.Chabanov).

5. The Congress calls upon all the researchers from the whole World to contribute to the world safety on the Planet during out trouble times, when dangerous for the humanity conflicts and disasters happen very often.

6. The organizers of the Congress are going to publish the printed version materials from the Congress. First of all, in the journals: “The spirit of time”, “World scientists”, “Science today and tomorrow”, but also like a separate publication.

7. Organizational Committee of the 7th World Scientific Congress is very grateful to all the participants and organizers of the Congress.

8. The 8th World Scientific Congress is going to be conducted in 2016 in St. Petersburg (Russia) supposedly in November.  The future probable topic is “The new in science:  the explained and the unexplained”.

The decision is taken by the open vote of the participants of the 7th World Scientific Congress.

November 27, 2015


Saint Petersburg