The Resolution of VI World Science Congress (WSC)

The VI WSC was held on 11-12 November 2014 in Saint-Petersburg (Russia).

Competent and recognized scientist and public figures from Russian Federation, former Soviet Republics and non CIS-states participated in the Congress.

1.   The VI WSC supports and approves of the scientific, practical and organizational activities conducted by the IUFS and IHAC under IUFS under the aegis of the International Parliament for Safety and Peace (IPSP) and the main aspects of the Congress reports.

2.   The Congress has made a significant input into the world science and the various practice regarding the understanding, explaining, applying and evaluating of the traditional and new in science and life, their integral interaction as the material and the spiritual, with the domination by the spiritual

3.   The Congress urges the scientists of the world to fully contribute by their activities to the strengthening of the safety and peace on Earth in our troublesome times fraught with various conflicts and convulsions, dangerous for mankind and every individual.

4.   The organizers of the Congress intend to publish the Congress materials in print format. First and foremost, in the journals “Spirit of Time” and “Scientists of the World”. It is highly possible, that the publishing will be conducted in an electronic form also.

5.   The organizing committee of the VI WSC expresses appreciation and gratitude to all the participants of the Congress.

6.   The VII WSC is expected to be held in 2015 in Saint-Petersburg, preliminary in November. The suggested topic of the Congress is “The originality in Science and Art”.


The resolution was carried unanimously on the open vote amongst the VI WSC participants.