Decision of the IX World Scientific Congress (WSC)

 November 20-21, 2017 in St. Petersburg (Russia) hosted the IX WSC on the topic: "New Ideas in Science and their Practical Incarnation"

 Authoritative scientists and cultural figures from the Russian Federation, the Near and Far Abroad took part in the work of the Congress.

 1.    IX WSC supports and approves the scientific and organizational activities carried out at the IHAC and IUFS, and the main directions and provisions of reports and speeches at the Congress.

2.    IX WSC made a significant contribution to the world science and various practices regarding the application of new fundamental and applied ideas, materially and spiritually meaningful in a variety of practices, material and spiritual. The idea of the interaction of various real beginnings, ultimately material and spiritual, with a significant or rarely determining role of the beginning of the spiritual realistically promotes such application in various types of practice, carried out in the interests of man and mankind, individual and universal, terrestrial and cosmic, in organic interaction.

3.    IX The WSC considers it expedient to hold World Scientific Congressannually in UNO Geneva/UNESCO, with the participation of the IHAC and IUFS, under the auspices of the UN headquarters.

4.    IUFS and the IHAC will conduct joint events with European universities with lectures, consultations (scientific activities).

5.    IUFS and the IHAC support the establishment of International Committees for various sports, film and visual arts, and will participate in the implementation of programs proposed by the respective committees.

6.    IX WSC encourages scientists and artists of the culture to contribute to their activities worldwide, to enhance security and peace on Earth in our turbulent times, fraught with various kinds of conflicts and shocks, dangerous for humanity, for everyone.

7.    The organizers of the IX WSC intend, with the support of sponsors, to publish Congressional materials in printed form. First of all, in the magazine "Spirit of Time", "World Scientists", "Science Today and Tomorrow." Publication in electronic form is not excluded.

8.    The Organizing Committee of the IX WSC and its management express their gratitude and appreciation to all participants of the Congress.

9.    X WSC is supposed to be held in 2018 in St. Petersburg approximately in November. Theme of the Congress: "Creative Individuality in Science".

10.The decision was taken unanimously by open vote.