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The Intergovernmental Higher Academic Council




The International Higher Examination Council


The List of  Subjects


The IUFS offers International standard Masters and Doctor Degrees (MA, MBA, Ph.D, Grand Ph.D , D.Sc., M.D, D.Sc.) under the International Higher Examination Council (MHEC), the Higher Attestation Qualification Commission and the Intergovernmental Higher Academic Council (the International Parliament for Safety and Peace). Doctor Training takes place at State Clinics and Hospitals and Engineer training may be at state factories.


Faculty of Humanities:


 Russian literature


Literature of foreign countries


International Relations


Diplomatic Science






History of foreign philosophy


Department of Linguistics


Russian Language


Slavic languages


Foreign languages


Diploma in English language (University ofLondon)


BA/MA in English


Advertising and publishing


Publicity and Editing


Public Relations


Department of History


History of  Russia


History of Ancient world


New History of European and American countries


History and Theory of International Relations


Faculty of Acmeology


Master/D.Sc in Acmeology




Faculty of Jurisprudence& Law




Department of Law


LLB Bachelor in Law


LLM (London)


Ph.D in Jurisprudence


Grand Ph.D in Jurisprudence


Faculty of Economics& Management


Department of Economics


Economics & Management


Accounting and Auditing


Department of Banking/Management


Information Technology Management


MBA in International Tourism & Management (Hotel) Project Management


Banking Management


Diploma in Economics


Department of International Business


International Business








Political Economy


Master of Business Administration (MBA)


MBA in Finance and Accounting, Economics & Management, Banking, Municipal Management, Real Estate Management, Tourism and Hotel Management, Marketing Management, Human Resources Management, Production Management, Hospital Management etc.


Faculty of Distance Learning


Doctor of Business Administration (DBA)



Faculty of Mathematics& Physics


Masters and Doctors Degrees - Department of Mathematics




Programming for computer networks


System Programming


Department of Physics




Physics of Atoms and Molecules


D.Sc/ Ph.D in Mathematics & Physics


Faculty of Chemistry and Biology






Faculty of Ecology & Environmental Studies


Ecology/Environmental Studies




Faculty of Engineering (PhD and D.Sc Studies, Grand PhD)


Department of Civil Engineering & Architecture


Theory and Planning of HouseBuildingsand constructions


Buildingand Architecture




Department of Telecommunication


Radio-technics & Television Systems and Equipments


Computer Networks & Information Systems


Television Systems & Video-technics


Network communication and Systems of Communication


Radio Communication, Broadcasting & Television


Diploma in TV/Video Engineering/Repairing


Sound Engineering


Department of Informatics and Computer Technologies


Microprocessors Systems


Elements, Computer Apparatus and Information systems


Computers and Equipments


Multi media systems & Computer Graphysics


Diploma in Microcomputer Servicing


Faculty of Arts and World Culture


Bachelor/Master and Doctoral Studies in


Fine Arts,


Graphic and Painting




Faculty of Royal Ballet


Cinematography (Bachelor. Master & PhD) in Films, Televisions and Theater Studies


Department of Music & Composition






Sound Engineering/Producing


Musicology and Composion


Department of Films & Television


Film Engineering/Producing


Film Operator


Film/Theater Actor




Department of Theater




Department of Culture and Arts








Faculty of Medicine/Faculty of Post Graduate Medical Studies


M.D/Ph.D/D.Sc./ Grand Ph.D in General Medicine and other main fields over 200 subjects ( cardiology, etc.)


General Medicine








Ph.D and D.Sc., Doctor Training Courses in Medical Science


M.D in General Medicine and other Fields


Ph.D/ D.Sc. / Grand Ph.D in Medicine


Faculty of Computer Science (Computing & Information Technology)


Computer Science & Engineering


Computer Networks & Information Systems


Computing & Information Systems


D. Sc / Ph.D in Computing& Information Technologies


Faculty of British Education

Professional Diplomas: 

Higher National Diploma

Level 5 Diploma, Level 7 Diploma (Bachelor/Master Level ) 


Department of Economics & Management


B.Sc. in Economics


B.Sc. in Management


B.Sc. in Accounting & Finance


B.Sc. in Management with Law


Department of Computer Science


B.Sc/Diploma in Mathematics, Computing and Statistic


B.Sc/Diploma in Computing and Information Systems


Department of English Language


Diploma/BA in English




London Examination International/External Programme/


Diploma in Economics


Faculty of Fire Engineering


Faculty of World Culture and Arts


Faculty of Royal Ballet


Master in Ballet ( Ballet Master)


Department of Music


Strings, Brass, Orchestras, Keyboard (piano, organ), Vocal, Opera, Musical Theatre, Church music, Jazz etc.


Royal Institute of Church Music/Old Russian Orthodox Church


International Spiritual Academy


Theology (MA, Ph.D, Grand Ph.D)




Research Institute of Health & Sport


International Institute of Mapping


Faculty of Psychology


Master Degree in Psychology


Doctor of Science in Psychology


Faculty of Fighting Arts


Faculty of Defence & Security


Faculty of Astronomy


Master/Doctor programme in Astrology


Faculty of Aviation


Aviation Engineering


Prepare Faculty


IELTS, O-Level, AS, A-Level ofLondon Examination


International Council for Secondary Education


High School Diplomas, Higher National Diplomas (International School Leaving Certificate), GCE A - Level Certificate.


Access Rout to B.Sc. Degree : 02 Introduction to economics, 06-Introductory social and economic statistics, 07-Elements of statistic, 09-Human geography, 10-Introduction sociology, 11-Introduction to international relation, 12-Mathematics for economics, 34-World history, 74-Quantitative methods, 80-Introduction to politics, 96-Economic history in the 20th century.


Faculty of Aviation


Aviation Engineering


Diploma in Pilot Training


Faculty of Postgraduate Studies


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