Dear colleagues!


I am Prof. Santhi Jayasekera, Rector of IUFS Moscow and President of the IHAC in St.Petersburg.

 Today we are celebrating 8th World  Congress  at UNO Geneva in Switzerland.

 First of all, I would like to inform you what fundamental and applied sciences are. It may be that there is something unclear and vague, and it is really worth to clear it.

 It is considered that fundamental science exists for the so-called «curiosity satisfaction», and applied science is a kind of «the response to the governmental challenges». In the conditions of the resources limit, it is necessary to choose only the one. Pragmatists tend to the second science: the applied science. In fact, in case of any amount of recourses, both sciences are needed, especially fundamental science, which exists not only for the curiosity satisfaction, but for the practical issues solutions as well. Such a mentioned above difficult choice will bring to a dead-end.  

 Fundamental science perceives and explains the core of the various and local phenomena, which interact with each other on the material and spiritual level.

 Basically there is a difference between the fundamental and applied sciences. Idea as the interaction of the feelings and thoughts may be totally different on its level and character, that is, have different expression and application.

 Fundamental idea is consistently systematic, universal and consuming. It receives its specific expression in its applied, particular and local idea. The idea of the interaction is truly overall and universal, both materially and spiritually.

 Practical significance is not equal to the applied significance. Practical significance is broader and diverse than the applied significance. Fundamental science is practically broader and more universal than applied science from the point of view of specification. Practical value of the applied science is not put down to the «response to the governmental challenges and issues». Moreover, the government itself should act according to its own principles and the recommendations given by applied and fundamental science.

 The world is the interaction of the different geopolitical powers and directions, countries and population. It is the interaction that serves effectively to the total peace in the world.

 The idea of the peace in the world is both fundamental and applied.

 The idea of the peace as interaction is able to perpetuate and turn into the different kinds of the spiritual activity (culture, arts, cinema) making it practically and spiritually useful for the humanity.

 To cut it short, the peace is the interaction, and the interaction is the peace. Let it to be.