of the IX World Scientific Congress


Девятого Всемирного Научного Конгресса (ВНК)


20-21 November,  2017


On November 20-21 in saint Petersburg (Russia) the IX World Scientific Congress on the topic “The New Ideas in Science and their Practical Implementation” is going to be conducted.  «Новые идеи в науке и их практическое воплощение».

 In the conditions of the systematic crisis in the modern science it is incredibly significant to have new ideas stimulating the science development. The necessity of the appearance of the new ideas is now on the agenda.  Unfortunately, there is nothing more than just empty words.

 First of all, it is necessary to determine the very level and character of the new ideas in science, what they really are and what is the level of the their practical importance. 

 It is considered that fundamental science exists for curiosity satisfaction, and applied science is the response to the challenge and the problems of the government.  When the resources are limited, it is necessary to chose one of the science.  Pragmatics tend to the second science- the applied one.  In fact, with all the resources, the both sciences are fundamental, and their aim is not curiousty satisfaction, but practical problems solutions. The choice mentioned above brings to the methodological dead-end.

 Fundamental science explains the essence of different interacting phenomena, both on the material and spiriyual level.

 Applied science explains the essence of the different local phenomena interacting on the spiritual and material level.

 Fundamental science is wider and more comprehensive than applied one, on the genetical and functional level.

 Fundamental and applied ideas differ.  The idea as thoughts and feelings interaction can be different on its level and character, have different expression and application.  Fundamental idea is consequently systematic, universal and comprehensive.  It gains the specific expression in the applied, more private and local idea.  The idea of interaction of different beginnings, material and spiritual, is trulu comprehensive and universal.

 There is different character of the practical implementation of new ideas.  Fundamentally new ideas from the very beginning are expressed by its creator (video, audio etc.) in order to make them available for its real perception of the different applied science or realized according to its own specifics.  Applied sciences offer the ideas related to the fundamental ones.  Applied ideas are realized by them in practice.  The idea becomes real power, when it gets the possession of its creator and everyone that consciously and purposely implements it.

 Practical significance is nonidentical to the applied one.  Practical significance is wider and more diverse than applied significance as some specific kind of practical significance.  Fundamental science is practically wider and more universal than applied science in the nature of specification and concretization.  Practical value of the applied science cannot be just put down to the “response to the government challenges and issues”. Moreover, the government itself as to derive in its activity form principally important practical recommendations offered by both fundamental and applied science.

 The appearance of the new fundamental ideas is not costly.  It takes from an academician a high level of scientific intellect and mind as a whole.  The appearance and implementation of the new applied ideas requires some specific and sometimes costly experimental base.  In principle, a fundamental idea is more stable and promising, both theoretically and practically.

 The appearance of the new ideas of the different level and character, and their practical implementation is a very complex and diverse process, which includes unique scientific and creative individuals.  The IX World Scientific Congress will try to make a tremendous both material and spiritual contribution to the develoment of the globally significant process.

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