The Solution  of VIII World Scientific Congress (WSC)


November 28-29 in 2016 VIII World Scientific Congress took place in Saint Petersburg (Russia) on the topic: “The New in Science: the explained and unexplained”.


The participants of the Congress were respectable scientists and culture figures of the Russian Federation, former Soviet Republics and far-abroad countries.


For the first time the Congress included the International Cinema Festival “Appolo-Aphrodite”, which clearly demonstrated the inexhaustible creative opportunities and impressive results of Russian cinematography.


1. VIII World Scientific Congress (WSC) supports and approves of the scientific and organizational activity being conducted by IHAC and IUFS with the participation of International Science Academy Ararat, and the main directions and points of the reports and presentations on the Congress.


2. VIII World Scientific Congress (WSC) made a considerable and unique contribution to the modern world science and various practice in the view of explaining, first of all, unexplained and really brand new, discovered by the World Scientists in reality, animate and inanimate, natural and created by a human.  The idea of interaction of the different real beginnings, ultimately, material and spiritual, with the significant and sometimes leading role of the spiritual beginning, which contributes to the explanation of the unexplained in the different science fields and various practice in the human’ s interest.


3. VIII World Scientific Congress (WSC) considers appropriate to conduct annually, namely, in September, world Scientific Congresses with the participation of IHAC and IUFS under the aegis of The United Nations Headquarters in Geneva.


4. IHAC and IUFS could also conduct World Scientific Congresses in different countries and cities (Dubai, Montreal, Berlin, Marcel etc.).


5. VIII World Scientific Congress (WSC) believes that it is necessary to create the special International Fund for the regular conduction of the International Film Festival “Appolo-Aphrodite” under the United Nations and UNESCO Headquarters.


6. It is necessary to conduct on the basis of the WSC (Saint Petersburg) the International Film Festival “Appolo-Aphrodite”. The Higher Cinema School on the basis of the Cinema Festival under the guidance of V.N.Naumov should be opened. 


 7. It is necessary to open the Regional Academic Councils, operating under the general scientific and organizational guidance of IHAC in Moscow and other cities.


8. A new special academic direction in IHAC should be created under the Center of the enhanced studying of the theoretical and practical opportunities and effective application of “the alternative medicine” (yoga, Ayurveda etc).


9. VIII World Scientific Congress (WSC) calls upon scientists and culture figures of the whole world to make a contribution to the promotion of security and the peace in the world in our unsafe time with many conflicts and disturbances, dangerous for everyone of us.


10. The Organizers of VIII World Scientific Congress (WSC) intend to publish the materials of the Congress in print format with the support of financial backers.  First of all in the journals: “The Spirit of time”, “The World Scientists”, “Science today and tomorrow”. The publication in digital form is also possible.


11. Organization Committee and its head express their acknowledgment and really appreciate that all the participants of the Congress came.


12. IX WSC is supposed to be held in Saint Petersburg (Russia) approximately in Novemeber 2017. The topic of the Congress: “The New Ideas in Science and their Practical Application”.