7th World Scientific Congress

 “Education, Science,  Culture and Peace in modern World”

at the

United Nations Headquarters  in Geneva, Switzerland

on the  5th , 6th and 7th of  September 2016



The Ararat International Academy Of Sciences (AIAC) in association with  The International University of Fundamental  Studies ( IUFS ), and The International  Higher Academic  Council

(IHAC) and Objectif Science International, is due to celebrate its  30th Anniversary Organizing its  7th Scientific World Congress at the U.N.O. Headquarters in Geneva  on the 5th, 6th  and 7th of  September  2016.

 About the Congress

 The 7th Scientific World Congress is definitely one of the highlights of the year   as it makes history as the first ever Scientific Congress  to be held at the UNO Headquarters. It’s the perfect combination of creative inspiration, intellectual debate and networking with people who are passionate about the New Technological Innovations and the role of  Science in future design.

 The Participants

 World renowned  Scientists from over  75 Countries including Sri Lanka ,The Director General  of UNO  and delegates from the UNESCO, Representatives  from World  Top  ranking  Universities such as Howard , Oxford, Cambridge, Perth  including  hundreds of  other  prominent Universities and Academies  from around the World, Ambassadors, High Commissioners, Intellectuals, Academicians, Professors  representing  Russia, USA, UK, Germany, France Italy, UAE, India and many other countries are to grace this occasion.

 Our  Pride

 Sri Lankan Prof. Shanthi . Jayasekara Chancellor - IUFS  St.Petersburg  Russia/ President - International  Higher  Academic  Council (IHAC)  will be chairing  the Congress as the  Co-President  will  open  all  avenues  for the Sri Lankan Scientists , Cabinet members, VIPS and top Businessman ,to utilize  this unique opportunity  at  this  UNO  platform, to gain and obtain  the maximum benefits  where  the  World  gathers for the benefit of  Mother  Sri Lanka.

 Entertainment for all Participants



Cultural   Show at  Geneva in association with the Ministry of Cultural Affairs, Sri Lankan, a grand Show depicting Sri Lankan Folk Music, Dance and Drama will be staged in Geneva head quarters on the 5 th and 6 September following the Congress featuring renowned Artist from Sri Lanka. This cultural show will be organized by Interactive Cultural Sense Group” and Created by Sri Lankan International Culture and Cinema Academy. Also, famous Singer Sajeewa Upashantha Perera is due light up this event with his heart-touching voice along with the participation of outstanding famous actor, Uditha Gunaratne along with other well recognized artists.

 Prof.J.S.K.Jayasekara, Vice-chancellor of IUFS University will be heading the delegation from Sri Lanka, which is due to be grace the occasion.



                          President of Congress 

Prof. Agop Kerkiacharian, Academician, Member of UNESCO, President of International Academy of Sciences Ararat in France


                                         Co- President of Congress

    Mahatma Shanthi Jayasekara, Professor, Academician, Senator, Chancellor - IUFS  St.Petersburg/Moscow Russia &  President - International  Higher  Academic Council


                                                          Co- President of Congress

           Prof. Thomas  Egli - President , Objectif Sciences International in France & Switzerland 

Co- President of Congress

     Prof. Marc Van  Hulle  

Academician Belgian's Royal Academy of Medicine
KU Leuven
Laboratorium voor Neurofysiologie
Faculteit Geneeskunde (Medical School)
Campus Gasthuisberg


What we expect from the Scientific Congress –

To build a beautiful complex web on life that sustains us all as……….


Education, science and culture are truly significant background for spiritual and material preservation, success, development and improvement of the humanity and every single soul on our restless planet. Education, science and culture possess organic interaction: they fulfill, complement and intercross each other.

Undoubtedly, This   is able to realize such opportunities and to open and confirm productive way for a move forward, both spiritual and material, for the modern humanity and for every single soul

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