“Originality in Arts & Science”

Saint-Petersburg, November 26-27, 2015.

Program of the VII World Scientific Congress (WSC)


  November 26, 2015 


Beginning of registration at 09.30

Opening of the VII World Scientific Congress

    Welcoming speech of Prof. Dr. Shanti P. Jayasekara, President of the World Scientific Congress and IHAC, Rector of IUFS .

Greetings, congratulations:

1. Vice Governor of Saint-Petersburg (Russia), Chairman to the State Committee of Social Policy, Prof. Rzhanenkov Alexandr

2. Hon. Arundika Fernando, Deputy Ministry of Tourism (Sri Lanka).

3. Prof. Zadra Maurizio, Senator of the International Parliament of Safety and Peace (Italy).

4. Prof. Agop Kerkiacharian, President of  Academy of Sciences  of France (France).

5. Prof. Nikolai Burov, President of Public Chamber of Saint-Petersburg (Russia).

6. Prof. Marcel Valentin, Ambassador of Large to the Principality of Seborga (Italy)

7. Dr. Tamas Turgyan, Member of the National Assembly of Hungary (Hungary).

8. Dr. Jameel Lebbe Hadji , Diplomatic Counceller (Sri Lanka)

9. Prof. Roland Jacques, President of All French Universities in the World (France).

10. Prof. Boris Leonov, President of Medical Technical Academy of Science, Moscow (Russia).

11. Dr. Lucy Calderon , Minister  Ambassador of UNESCO, Paris (San Salvador).

12. Rector of  Academy of Astronautics Moscow (Russia).

13. Prof. Denis Fadda, President of the Academy of Overseas Sciences, President of the French Renaissance (France).

14. Prof. Marc de Vellis, Rector of University of Belgium (Belgium).

15. Prof. Santosh Kukreh, Director of   Brahma Kumaris Center (India).

16. Ms. Jeanne Ricketts (Monaco).

17. Prof. Edward Amchislavski, Representative of  IUFS of USA.

18. Prof. Eugenio Caligiuri, Ambassador to the Equatorial Guinea, (Guinea, Australia)

19. Mr. Carlos Maradiaga, Ambassador of UNESCO , Paris (Honduras).

20. Mr. Nall Hollis (USA, President of Nall Foundation, President of Art Council USA

21.Mr. Juan Capuney , UNESCO Reprsentative to France (Mexico)

21. Prof. Ovcharov S.M., Russian Film Director, Professor of Cinematography (Russia)

22. Prof. Xu Qizhi, Principle of the University (China)

23. Dr. Agarval Suresh Kumar, President  Of  “ World Yoga Foundation” (India)

24. Dr. Drebezov S.I.,  IPSP Belaus Diplomatic Counceller, Sport Center  (Belarus)

25. Deputy Speaker Parliament of Sri Lanka - Mr. Thilange Sumathipala Sri Lanka)


Photographic Exhibition “Russian Folk Costume. Festival Dress".

Russian festival dress show accompanied by music.

Reports, Premium.

Presentation of diplomas and awards.


 Program: 10-12 minutes –Report, 3 min. – prize-giving.

November 26, 2015. 14.00-18.00.

  1. Prof. A.N. Iezuitov, “Interaction Philosophy. About Originality in Arts & Science”.
  2. Pof. Agop Kerkiatcharian (France).
  3. Prof. V.V. Lukoyanov “Originality and Harmony”.
  4. Prof. Marcel Valentin (France).
  5. Prof. Y.V. Galtsev, “Vitamedin -M in complex therapy of tuberculosis”.
  6. Prof. Gamini Jayasinge (Sri Lanka).
  7. Prof. V.D. Ragel, “Original character of stem cells’ human use”.
  8. Prof. Jean-Marie Coudreuse (France).
  9. Prof. E.S. Postnov, “Program 120+”.
  10. Prof. Y.F. Utekhin + Sub Reporter P.N. Tsiganov, “Originality in Ophthalmology”. 
  11. Dr. Jameel Ibra Lebbe Haji  (Sri Lanka).
  12. Prof. E.I. Borovkov, “Originality in Astronautics”.
  13. Prof. Hugues Jaquet (Switzerland).
  14. Prof. V.G. Bondarenko, “Originality in studying of Metahistory”
  15. Dr. Antoine Allezi (France).
  16. Prof. N.P. Kovalenko, “Originality in Perinatal Psychology”.
  17. Prof. Y.M. Ipatov, “Originality of System Economics”.
  18. Prof. Jeanne Ricketts (Monaco).
  19. Prof. I.V. Kuris, “Original nature of arts and transpersonal interaction of methods of space arrangement”.
  20. Dr. Fred Holysnal (USA)

Concert “ France - Russia”


November 27, 2015. 10.00-17.00

21.  Prof. A.I. Krashenuk, “Originality in Hirudotherapy “.

22.  Prof. Kevork Kerkiacharian (France)

23.  Dr.. Cornelius Dagba (Kenya, France).

24.  Prof. Y.F. Saveliev, “Original Way to Energy Human Nature”.

25.  Prof. N.I. Maikova, Prof. V.P. Maikov, L. Potemkina, “Originality in Alternative Medicine”

26.  Prof. Sisira K. Jayasekara, “Originality in Journalism” (Sri Lanka).

27.  Prof. S.A. Katanskii,  “Originality of Folk Martial Art”.

28.  Prof. S.E. Moiseev, “Comparative characteristics of Science since the middle of 19th Century till the beginning of 21th Century”.

29.  Prof. V. I. Slesarev, “Originality of Aqua Radio System”

30.  Prof. B.P. Autenschlus, Prof. B.E. Levkovich, “Forecasting of criminogenic events, emergency situations and accidents”.

32. Prof. V. Yuklevichius (Lithuania).

33. Prof. Marcel Valentin (France).

31.  Prof. S. S. Abaev, “Originality in Modern Painting”.

32.  Prof. S. A. Abilov, “Originality of National Culture”. (Kazakhstan).

33.  Prof. O. I. Shishova, “Originality in Haematology”.

34.  Mrs. Katarin Hamade (Monaco).

35.  Prof. E.G. Zainullin.

36.  Prof. A.A. Gorbunov, “Original Nature of  Noosphere’s Economics”.

37.  Prof. Kulakova M.A., Z.G. Simonenko, “Water and Its Secrets”.

38.  Dr. T.I. Bresso, “Motivation”.

39.  Prof. N.S. Makarova, “Originality in Pedagogy”.

40.  Prof. A.G. Sarakul, “Original Way to Problem: Unconscious and Health”.

41.  Prof. Georgio Foutstis (Greece).

42.  Prof. Orion O. Tulp (West India).

43.  Prof. Christopher Oyat (Uganda).

44.  Dr. Cyril King (Ghana).

45.  Prof. Lee Kvork Keung (China)

46.  Dr. V.N. Ryabokon, “Features of psychological and pedagogical communication with foreign cadets in the educational environment in Russian Military High Schools”.

47.  Prof. S.N. Tereshkin, “Originality in Psychology”.

48.  Dr. M. Kluchnikova, “Alive resonant wave and spatial field sound therapy in system of spiritual and physique health of Human being and planet Earth”.

49.  Prof. Y.F. Utekhin and Sub-Reporter P.N. Tsiganov, “Methods of Eyesight Rehabilitation based on biophysical ophthalmology principles”.

50.  Prof. E.Y. Buzov, Prof. V.I. Kasatkin, “Original Nature of Aqua Biogenic”.

51.  Prof. V.I. Dzemiashkevitch, “Originality of Realist Painter”.

52.  Prof. O.Y. Novikov, “Originality in Law”.

53.  Prof. V.P. Pestriak-Golovatyi, “Originality in Photography”.

54.  Prof. M.I. Volkov.

55.  Prof. Diario Gonzales (Columbia).

56.  Dr. Walter Shetter (Germany).

57. Prof. Christopher Campbell (USA).Prof. Azrat Al Zayed Mohammed (Egypt).

 58.  Prof. Arman Lawson (Sweden), “Originality in Cardiology”.

59.  Prof. I.A. Barabash + Reporter, “Originality in Honeycomb Therapy”.

60.  Pro. V.F. Sharkov.

61.   Prof. Francis Mbella (Cameron, France).

62.  Prof. V.P. Chashshchin, “Original Approach to Workplace Safety”.

63.  Prof. A.G. Tikhomirov, “Originality in Cartography”. 

64.  Prof. Raven Forest, “Theology” (USA).

65.  Prof. V. A. Shemsuk "What can save USA and Europe from inevitable disaster?"

66.  Prof. Nasser Heydarian, “Martial Arts and Psychology” (Iran).

67.  Prof. Derek Bircham (New Zeeland).

68.  Prof. V.I. Tyurin, “Originality in Science of History”.

69.  Dr. Sukuda Noriko, “Originality in Photography” (Japan).

70.  Prof. Hwang K (South Korea).

71.  Dr. Sukuda Tosidi, “Fine Art” (Japan).

72.  Prof. O. Y. Ukrainskii. (Germany, Russia)

73.  Prof. Mahinda Balasuria (Sri Lanka) “ Originality in Security Systems”

74.  Prof. Muhammad Ramin (UAE).

75.  Prof. David Kvirkkvelia (Georgia).

76. prof. Belastotskaya M."Arts & Culture"

77.  Prof. Kosurko A.N.

78. Prof. Brizhko A.V.

79. Prof. M.N. Avakumov, “Problems of Transport Access to Crime: Standard and Original Solutions”.

80. Prof. V.E. Chabanov, “Economics and Culture”

81. Prof. M.Y. Meanie (Ukraine).

82. Prof. David Mattin (Great Britain).

83. Prof. L.Y. Dubovskii

84. Prof. Pushpa Virrapan (Singapore)

85. Prof. Leonidova Olga (Ukraine)

86 Dr. Zumabekova Asel (Kazahstan)

87. Prof. Povelichenko Mikhaylo (Ukraine)

 88. Prof. Duda Artem (Ukraine)

89. Dr. Ovdoev Kakaphoev B. 

90. Prof. Guliev M

Organisation committee

Dr. Tverdokhlebov A

Maslakov А.

Ekaterina Von Klugen

Soldatenkov Y.

Bortanova Y.

Anastasia Goryachkova

Maria Frolova

Anya Lukoyanova

Milan Jayasekara

Maria Vasyova

Ilya Vasyov

Mr. W. A. Wimalasena

Mr. A. W. Divakumara

Mr . M.J . Mohamed  Safraz 

Mr. M.A. Mohamed Roshan  Akthar

Mr.  Patchamuthu   Ravikrishnan

Mr. R.P. Ajith Kumara Rajapaksha 

Mr.H.K. Nihal  Ananda 

Kolomeyev Y.

 The Seventh WSC will be held on November 26-27, 2015 at the address:

Russia, Saint-Petersburg, Bolshaya Morskaya str., 45.

Getting started at 10: 00 am.

Tel. +7-812-988-6055, +7-812-988-6069

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Photos of 7th WSC