Prof. Santhi Jayasekara  (President of IHAC , middle), Prof. Agop Kerkiacharian (President Ararat Academy of Science, Paris), Ex-General Director of UNESCO Mrs. Dr. Jannette Tchilingurian

Dear colleagues!, Dear Ladies and Gentlements,

First of all I would like to inform you that on the basis of International University  Fundamental Studies ( IUFS)  and Intergovernmental Higher academic Council we have recently created International Higher Academic Council. As World Scholar Association it operates as research and educational institution.

Culture issues is the main its topic.  Today many definitions of culture exist (more than 2000).

IHAC adheres to its own scientifically accurate definition of culture. For IHAC culture is meaningful, spiritual activity, which has its own real expression and represents the interaction between materialism and spirituality. If materialism is dominant, then culture is called materialistic, and if spiritualism dominates – spiritual. IHAC deals with spiritual culture in all its expression, but first of all, particularly with art, which is the interaction between materialism and spiritualism. Spirituality is the inner attitude, which is typical for all the animate and inanimate creatures, but first of all – for the human.

Art, like pure expression of spiritual culture, has a truly outstanding role. It facilitates closer relationship and interaction between different nations, and thus – the fastening of local and global safety on the Earth.  For this reason, IHAC creates and develops special International Programs and Events: The International Areopagus of Arts “Apollon”, International Contest Program “Muse Commonwealth “Aphrodite” and various film festivals.

Thank you for your attention .


Prof. Shanti Jayasekara


Rector IUFS, President IHAC