Speech by the president IHAC, President of 6th WSC

Mahatma Shanti P. Jayasekara, PhD, Grand PhD, Professor, Academician


Dear colleagues! It’s been a year since we conducted the 5th Anniversary WSC, and now we have gathered at the 6th WSC during quite hard times.

In modern conditions the positive role of the world science and our international scientific community as effective means of strengthening and developing the interaction between different nations and various people has grown.

We still continue our diverse work out of politics and religion; we don’t do propaganda of any political and religious views.

At the same time IUFS deals with the objective studies of different political and religious phenomena. The nomenclature of IHAC of IUFS has subjects “political science” and “religious studies”, and IHAC of IUFS confers honorary diplomas to prominent politicians and religious figures, who contribute to the strengthening of safety and peace on our planet.

Science, in fact, is creative and uniting power. Not only tolerance of the different point of views, but also their organic interaction on the truly humanistic base, which exists in our truly scientific environment, may and have to be the norm and example for various associations, regions, countries and nations, which create mankind, for each and every one of us living on our planet. Science teaches us interaction and it actually represents the interaction of different principles and components. Non-violence and interaction as the base of universal sustainable development are the urgent vitally important needs for our troubled times. Science is aimed at satisfying and developing this need.

The main topic of our VI WSC is “The traditional and the new in modern science”.

The issues of the 6th WSC are especially topical nowadays, when both in theoretical and practical point of view it is difficult to say what should be considered as “the traditional” and as “the new” in science and other spheres of life. One-sided, limited and not consistent with the reality interpretation of “the traditional” and “the new” in science and life has negative effects.

“The traditional” is often restricted to four square, and “the new” to groundless.

The 6th WSC serves the purpose of clarifying the comprehension and the explanation of “the traditional” and “the new” as organically interacting phenomena and concepts; making truly effective and really beneficial for mankind, for each and every one of us; their understanding and actual usage in various human activity.

Let me open the 6th WSC and from the bottom of my heart to wish you, my dear colleagues, success in your hard and intense, truly fruitful and promising work and life.

Thank you for attention and good luck!