Press Release

of the Sixth World Scientific Congress (6th WSC),

On 11th & 12th  November 2014, St. Petersburg, Russia


IUFS and Intergovernmental Higher Academic Council (IHAC) of IUFS carry out another 6th World Scientific Congress.

The theme of the Congress: «The traditional and the new in modern science». The main problem of the Sixth World Scientific Congress is especially topical nowadays, when in both theoretical and practical understanding, which can be considered as something traditional and new, the unilaterally-limited and irrelevant to the reality interpretation of «the traditional» and «the new» takes place.

Quite often «the traditional» is considered to be conservative and stagnant, «the new»- groundless and experimental.

 The Sixth World Scientific Congress hopes to bring clarity into the comprehension and explanation of «the traditional» and «the new» as organically cooperating phenomena and concepts, to make truly effective and really beneficial for human beings their understanding and true use in various human life.


The Organizing Committee of the 6TH WSC,

Tel. +7812-9870437, 812-998-6055, 812-988-6069

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Addrrss: Bolshaya Morskaya, House 45

Time: 10:00 - 15:00 





International University of Fundamental Studies (IUFS)

Intergovernmental Higher Academic Council (IHAC)

VI World Scientific Congress (WSC)

«The traditional and the new in modern science»

St. Petersburg, 11-12 November 2014



Registration starts at 9.30

The 11th of November 2014. 10.00 – 17.00

The Opening of the Congress

Opening address by the Rector of IUFS,

The President of IHAC under IUFS

Mahatma Shanti P. Jayasekara

Speech (greetings)

The program


1.         H H Prince Prof. Marcello Menegatto and  H H Prof. Nina Menegatto (Principality of Seborga, Italy)

2.         Prof. Zadra Maurizio (Italy)

3.         Prof. Jores Alfyorov (Russia)

4.         Prof. Agop Kerkiacharian (Armenia/France)

5.         Professor Nikolay Burov Vilatyvech (Russia)

6.         Prof. Bedros Kirkorov (Russia)

7.         Prof. Eugeno Caligiuri (Australia)

8.         Prof. Marcel Valentin (France)

9.         Prof. Igor Rimmer (Russia)

10.       Dr. Walter Schetter (Germany)

11.       Graf  Andreas thun Hohenstain (Austria)

12.       Prof. Santosh Kukreja (India)

13.       Dr. King Cylil (Ghana)

14.       Prof. Suha Georgy Dry (Hungary)

15.       Lee Kwok Keung (China)

16.       Prof. Derik Bircham (New Zealand)

17.       Prof. Peter Brower Vagoner ( USA)

18.       Prof. David Matthew (Great Britain)

19.       Prof. Maria Belastotskaya (Russia)

20.       Dr. Mariam Vakhidova (Russia)

21.       Kvirkveliya David (Georgia)

22.       Prof. Imanov G.M.(Azerbaijan)

23.       Prof. Williem Martin (Spain)

24.       Prof. Mianye M. Y. (Ukraine)

25.       Prof. Jairo Gonzalez (Colombia)

26.       Prof. Zia Mohammed Ramin (The United Arab Emirates) 

27.       Prof. Edward Amchislavski (USA)

28.       Prof. Hugues Jaquet (Switzerland)

29.       Mr. Jamal Salkh (France/Bulgaria)

30.       Ms. Catherine Hamade (Monaco)

31.     Prof. Mahinda Balasuriya (Sri Lanka)

32.     Prof. Varant Zareh Seropian ( Lebanon)


Reports, discussions

Prize and Diplomas Award

Time-limit: report – 15 min, discussions-5 min.

The 11th of November 2014. 10.00 – 17.00


Prof. A. N. Iezyitov. «The Philosophy of Interaction». The Traditional and the New.

Prof. V.V. Lukoyanov. The Harmonious Development of a Human: Opportunities and Perspectives.

Prof. Y.V. Vysochin. The Health of a Human in Extreme Conditions.

Prof. S. A. Vinogradov. The Safety of Infrastructure

Prof. E. I. Borovkov. The Differentiation and Integration of Electromagnetic and Optical Fields.

Dr. A.G. Babinina. Physiotherapy Today.

Prof. Y.V. Galitzev. Information Therapy.

Prof. M. H. Avakymov. The Economics of International System of Rescue Operations in Emergency Situations, which uses Innovative Vehicles.

Prof. V. P. Chaschin. Current Problems of the Safety of Labour.

 Prof. V. E. Chabanov. Fundamental Economics.

Prof. Y. M. Ipatov. Systematic Economics.

Prof. A. A. Gorbynov. Noospheric Economics: Formation and Development.

Prof. N. P. Kovalenko. Perinatal Phycology: Current Problems.

Prof. O. Y. Novikov. Jurisprudence and Rehabilitation.

Prof. B. B. Tangiev. Ecocriminology at the Present Time

Prof. L.Y. Dubovsky. The Peculiarities of Modern Civilization.

Prof. A. I. Krashenyk. Hirudotherapy: Objectives and Perspectives

Prof. Y. A. Simakin. Music and Modernity.


The 12th of November 2014. 10.00 – 17. 00


Prof. N.I.Maykova and Prof. V.P. Maykov. Non-traditional Medicine: The Unquestionable and the Questionable.

Prof. V. D. Ragel. Electricity and Birth Rate.

Prof. L.V. Potyomkina. Paediatrics today.

Prof. A. G. Sarakyl. Sub-consciousness and health.

Prof. M. A. Kulakova. Fractal as the Way to the Eternal.

Prof. Y. F. Saveliev. Energetic Human’s Nature: The Past and the Present

Prof. L. I. Dubrovina. Acmeology Today.

Prof. N. Sh. Makarova. The Technology of Skill-Development Learning.

Prof. A. I. Subetto. Megacosmic Precognition of Collective Intelligence.

Prof. Z. G. Simonenko. Innovation in Water Science.

Prof. V. I. Kasatkin. The Scientific Basis of Aquabiogenetics.

Prof. E. Y. Buzov. New Technologies in The Field of Water-Treatment

Prof. A. D. Danilov. Modern Aquaparadigm.

Prof. E. S. Postnov. “Border-line Water” – A New Direction in Biology and Medicine.

Prof. S. A. Abayev. Art as the Source of Development.

Prof. V. I. Tyurin. “Monotheism” in Histiory.

Prof. D. S. Kvipkvelya. Human’s Dignity is the Base of Life.

 Prof. I. V. Kuric. “Transpersonal phycology”: The Traditional and the New “Sacral” Knowledge.

Prof. I. A. Barabash. “Sacral Nature” of a Body.

Prof. A. G. Tikhomirov. The Nature of Geoinformational Systems.

Prof. V. I. Dzemyashkevich. Realism today.

Prof. V. P. Pestryak-Golovaty. The Culture of the Cossaks.

Prof. O. I. Shishkova. “Vital blood”.

Prof. G. M. Shavlayeva. National anthropology.

Prof. Sh. A. Abilov. The Interaction of National Cultures.

Prof. O.N. Sorokin. Matrix: Crises in Society.


Reports from International Scientists/Congressmen

Prof. Agop Kerkicharian (Armenia/France)

Prof. Eugeno Caligiuri (Australia)

Prof. Marcel Valentin (France)

Prof. Jean-Marie Coudreuse (France)

Dr. Walter Schetter (Germany)

Dr. Antoine Alliez (France)

Dr. Kevok Kerkiacharian (France)

Dr. King Cylil (Ghana)

Prof.  Lee Kwok Keung (China)

Prof. Hans Kempe (Germany)

Prof. Mianye M. Y. (Ukraine)

Dr. Gamini Jayasinghe ( Sri Lanka)

Prof. Hages Jaquet (Switzerland)

Ms. Marianne Sertier (Monaco)

Ms. Catherine Hamade (Monaco)

Mr. Mohamed Zarook Anzar (Sri Lanka)

Dr. Michael Salzmann (Germany)

Prof. Sisira K. Jayasekara (Sri Lanka)

Dr. Manfred Boese (Germany)

Prof. Preobrazhenskaya Viktoria (Ukraine)

Prof. Varant Zareh Seropian ( Lebanon)

Prof. Arabi Lofti Sami (Lebanon)

Prof. Leonidova Olga (Ukraine)

Dr. Maksud Ali Mir (UK)

Prof. Nasser Heydarian (USA)

Prof.  Ignatenko Albert (Ukraine)

Prof. Francis Dessart (Belgium)

Prof. Hettige Manuraja (Sri Lanka)


Prize and Diplomas Award

The outcomes of the Congress


The Closing of the Congress


Congress takes place:

St. Petersburg, Bolshaya Morskaya, House 45.

The House of Composers

The Organizing Committee of the 6th WSC, St. Petersburg

Tel. +7812-9870437, 812-998-6055, 812-988-6069

E-mail:   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Адрес: ul. Bolsahay Morskaya, House 45, Time 10:00 - 17:00 ч.