Doctors in 2020


Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic



Registered Masters and Doctors Degree Holders in 2020

International Higher Academic Council 

 International University of Fundamental Studies (Moscow, Russia - CA, USA)


Dissertations examined by IHAC IUFS in 2020

Full Accredited and Registered Post Graduation Degrees/Honour Holders in 2020


Sheshu Salihu (Nigeria), Dilpolma Master of Philosophy (M.Phil) in Defence & Security Studies, Diploma MP No. 200201.


Rev. Jyotisar Shraman (France), Diploma Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Buddhist Studies/Buddhist Psychology, Diploma DP No. 200204


Mugo Simon Wachara (Kenya), Diploma of Grand Decor of Philosophy in Computer Science & Information Systems, Diploma GPD No. 20 06 00280


Victor Chapel (France), Diploma of Doctor of Naturopathy (N.D.), Diploma ND No. 200501


Blinkov Alexander Nikolaevich (Russia), Grand Doctor of Philosophy in Medical & Clinical Psychology, Diploma GPD 20 06 00281