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Head Office Address :
IUFS, Ul. Bolshaya Morshkaya,
House 45,
St.Petersburg -190000, Russia

Tel. +7-812-315 4796

IUFS,  P O Box 59, St. Petersburg -191940, Russia
IUFS, House 4, 2nd Sovetskaya ul, St. Petersburg -191036, Russia
Tel. 7-812-315-4796
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Welcome Message

    Welcoming Message by the Founder of the International University of Fundamental Studies - Rector/Chancellor/CEO of the IUFS,
President of Intergovernmental of Higher Academic Council
- Academician  - Prof. Dr. Shanti P. Jayasekara
- Mahatma Shanti
Deputy Minister of Secretary Politic of Department of European Questions
International Parliament for Safety and Peace (Palermo, Italy)


  Welcome to the IUFS Web Prospectus. I hope you will look through it carefully, and find a degree programme of interest to you.
In 1998, the IUFS International University of Fundamental Studies was recognized by the State Committee for Higher Education of Russia as the major International University for higher professional education.
IUFS offers a variety of undergraduate and postgraduate degree programmes for men and women in the professional world who possess a high level of knowledge and expertise in a specific career or academic field.
This web prospectus is a guide to applicant for degree courses who intend to enter the IUFS in 2007/2008, under International Standard Educational Programmes from USA and University of London (UK) and other British and US Degree Qualifications for External students it has been produced as early as possible for their benefit. The matter covered by the prospectus are subjects to change from time to time. If applicants require further information or confirmation of any matter, they should write to the
[email protected].

  For admission to higher degree course, candidates must have obtained a first class or second class honours degree of any Russian University or equivalent from overseas University with good English Knowledge (IETLS, TOEFL). Higher degrees may be obtained either by research leading to the submission of a thesis or examination ( Mphil., PhD, D.Sc. Grand Ph.D.) . All IUFS programmes and IUFS fully Internationally accredited by the International InterAcademic Union, Russia, IHEC MMC with UN and UNECO Registration, International Parliment for Safety and Peace, Italy, Oxford Educational Network , UK, National Academy of Higher Education, USA , Christhomas Consourtium London, Educational Quality Accrediting Commission, Madrid, Spain, International University Accrediting Association, CA, USA, International Commission for Higher Education USA. IUFS is member of the UNA- USA, UNICEF and WFUNA.

 For higher degrees by research a student normally requires a first degree is closely related to his chosen subject or research. Whereas research degrees should be considered primarily as training for the academic profession, Masters’ degrees by course-work and examination may be considered either as preparation for a research degree or as an end in themselves. These are in general one -year courses, but in terms of academic quality the entry qualifications are as high as for a research degree. The First degree entrance qualification is A -Level or equivalent school leaving certificate


Our training provides valuable experience in a full range of engineering disciplines and encompasses everything from developing your management skills to gaining a working knowledge in this field.
The English language programme was instituted to support the schools academic courses. The programme offers pre-sessional courses in English language and academic skills, business and the professions.

The Faculty of British Education offers University of London External programmes and International Medical programmes (MRCP,FRCS), PLAB and IELTS examinations for local and foreign students.

Take a good look you ‘ll only see it once.
Best Regards,


Prof. Dr. Shanti P. Jayasekara,
Grand Ph.D., D.Sc. - Academician (Russia)
Rector/Chancellor (IUFS).
International University of Fundamental Studies and
President of Intergovernmental Higher Academic Council (IHAC)
Deputy Minister for  European Questions of International Parliament for Safety and Peace to Russian Federation




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