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IUFS,  P O Box 59, St. Petersburg -191940, Russia
IUFS, House 4, 2nd Sovetskaya ul, St. Petersburg -191036, Russia
Tel. 7-812-717-9605
Tel. Hotline : 7-812-974-3246
E-Fax: 1-775-361-1554
E-mail: [email protected]

IUFS,  IUFS Moscow Brance , 21-B, Ul  Kushinen, Moscow - 125252, Russia
Tel. 7-495-768-0817
E-Fax: 1-775-361-1554

IUFS, USA Branch,
870? 25th Ave., # 103, San Francisco, CA 94121, USA

Tel. 1-415-306-1621


  International Commission for Secondary Education (ICSE) - GCE A Level Examination


Members of the ICSE :

Chairman : Shanti P. Jayasekara, Informatics, Computing Studies

Rev Vladiko Antonio - Orthodox and Philosophy (Religion)
Avvakumov Mikhail : Physics, Mathematics
Buda Badmaev (Buddhism)
Iezueitov Andrey : Russian language, Literature
Kalinina Tatiyana : International Relations
Chachin Valery : Biology, Zoology

Ipatov Yuri : Economics, Business Studies, Accounting

Simakin Yuri : Music
Tyurin Vladimir (Economics, Management)
Deric Bircham (English, Management)
Grishina Ludmila, Ballet and Choreography
Kovalenko Natalia : Psychology
Abaev  Sultan : Art & Design
Kuznetsov Boris : Computing Studies, Informatics
Dubrovina Lidia : Philology
Novikov Oleg (Law)
Witkin Vladimir : Law, Government & Politics
Shriyaev Grigory : Philosophy,
Zia MohamadRamin : Arts & Psychology

Prince Afere : Commerce, Accounting, Economics

Deric Bircham : International Relations

Sisira Jayasekara : Buddhism, Journalism
Oscar Raven Flores : Theology

Regulations of the ICSE

Preparatory Faculty

International Access to Higher Education Course

IUFS Preparatory Faculty Offers St Augustine High School Diploma and GCE A level Examination International - , AL and AS Levels / and Access Route - University of London.

These course have been specially designed for international students. They offer you a unique opportunity to:

improve your English

develop your study skills

increase your academic knowledge

qualify for entry to international university in UK or abroad.

ICSE - High School Diploma - GCE A Level subjects (UK/USA)- OXFORD EDUCATIONAL NETWORK - IUFS

Art & Design
Computing Studies
English Language
English Literature
History B
Mathematics A
Mathematics B
Mathematics , Pure



Ballet and Choreography
Sociology/Social Science


ICSE and Edexcel London Examination International - A Level (UK)

Accounting ( 9011)
Art & Design (9028)
Biology (9044)
Chemistry (9082)
Computing (9105)
Economics( 9120)
English Literature (9173)

Informatics (9177)
Government & Politics (9171)
Law ( 9345)
Mathematics(P1,P2,M1,M2) (9420)
Mathematics(P1,P2,T1,T20) (9422)
Pure Mathematics(P1,P2) (9423)

Sociology/Sicial Science( 9848)

London Examination International -AS (Advanced Supplementary) (UK)

Biology (8044)
Computing (8105)
English Literature (8172)
Government & Politics (8061)
Law ( 8345)
Statistics (T1,T20) (8431)

Access Route - University of London (UK)

If you would like to take one of the degrees detailed , but do not satisfy the necessary entrance requirements, the Access route might be the programme for you. If you successfully complete the Access route by passing two subjects, you will have satisfied the entrance requirements for the degrees and you may transfer to the degree of your choice as an External student.

02 - Introduction to Economics
06 - Introductory social and economic statistics
07 - Elements of statistics
09 - Human geography
10 - Introduction to sociology
11 - Introduction to international relations
12 - Mathematics for economics
34 - World history since 1917
74 - Quantative methods
80 - Introduction to politics
96 - Economic history in the 20th century.

University of London Registration : Once you have received an " Offer Letter" and registration form you will be able to register. To rregister you must complete and return the form, with initial registration fee, to the Cashiers' Office. These must be reach the University by 30 November in the year before you wish to sit your first examination.

When university ICSE receive your registration form and fee, the Examinations Office will send you confirmation of your registration and details of how to apply for examination entry forms. The despatch Office will also send you your study materials


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