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IUFS,  P O Box 59, St. Petersburg -191940, Russia
IUFS, House 4, 2nd Sovetskaya ul, St. Petersburg -191036, Russia
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IUFS,  IUFS Moscow Brance , 21-B, Ul  Kushinen, Moscow - 125252, Russia
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Government Registration and Licence

   Government Registration Certificate  in St.Petersburg, Russia

Certificate of Government Registration


International University of Fundamental Studies IUFS is non-government and non-profit making university in St. Petersburg, Russia and one of the major civic universities which is working together with Russian state universities to offer International degree qualifications. In 1998, the Ministry of Education, Russia - State Committee for Higher Education & Science, St. Petersburg, Russia, recognized IUFS. Govt. Registration No. 76034, License No. 4058-D77 and No. 101625, Ministry Education - State Committee of Science & Higher Education, Russia. On 25th August 2004, IUFS is Re-registered with new ownership. Now IUFS is well-established higher educational institute and is in compliance with the Education Reform Act passed by the Russian Federation. Registration.

The State Educational Standard

The State educational standard is a set of nationally recognized requirements laid down by the State which determines a mandatory minimum for the contents of educational programmes, the maximum work loads assigned to students, as well as general course loads and requirements to be met by graduates. The State Educational Standard of Higher Professional Education was developed by teaching and methodological associations that brought together higher education institutions in relevant fields of study on the basis of a competition organized by the State Committee for Higher Education and approved by Decree No. 940 of 12 August 1994 of the Government of the Russian Federation.


Licensing is a procedure whereby an educational institution is granted the right to carry out educational programmes in relevant fields of study (specialities) and at corresponding levels of education. It consists of the recognition of expertise, the taking of decisions, and the issuing of a duly worded authorization, i.e., a license.

Licensing is based on the results of an evaluation carried out by expert commissions that are composed of representatives of educational authorities (federal and local), educational institutions, and the public. The aim of the evaluation is to determine whether or not conditions for the implementation of educational programmes at a given educational establishment correspond to state and local requirements with regard to construction norms and rules, sanitary and hygienic standards, possibilities for health care for students and academic staff, the equipping of the premises and the teaching and learning processes with the proper infrastructure,
the staffing of the institution, and the educational qualifications of the academic staff.





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