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  International University of   Fundamental Studies  

About the  IUFS

  Wanting to study for International Degree Qualification is a big step. There are so many different International Universities in the world, among them, offering thousands of different courses. Deciding which course to apply for and at which university, is a daunting task. The IUFS is here, to supply you with a lot information and many factors to support your International Degree Qualification.

The International University of Fundamental Studies also known as IUFS, is a non-profit making Higher Professional Educational Organization in St. Petersburg, Russia under Registration No. 76034, Licence No. 4058-D77. IUFS faculties are formed by the Russian State Universities and the State Scientific Research Institutes for Business, Culture and Technology Education and  International Universities with programs from foreign university.

The International University of Fundamental Studies was established  in the year 1998. IUFS - the professional non-commercial higher educational institution, offers to receive higher education of the international value and standard under the programs of the British Universities.  IUFS has accreditation of the International Parliament for Safety and Peace (European Parliament) , Oxford Educational Network ,  Christhomas Consortium London, UK, and National Academy of Higher Education, USA.  Our university has membership in the United Nations, UNICEF , WFUNA and in other international organizations like IPSP. IUFS has been registered by registration chamber of city of  Saint Petersburg (state registration ¹ 76034, the license ¹ 4058-Ä77). And university branches have been registered in  Moscow  ( Russia ) and  San Francisco(CA, USA ) respectively.

There are Inter-governmental Higher Academic Council (IHAC), International Higher Examination Council (IHEC), and International Council for Secondary Education (ICSE) with several dissertational boards/ examination councils at IUFS the structures of which includes the highly skilled experts recognized as the international Academy of science, for assignment of scientific degrees ( Master of Science, Doctor of Science, Doctor of Million, and Grand Doctor of Philosophy)  and assignments of academic statuses (the professor , full of the professor).

IUFS has been established with the purpose of preparation of students and experts in the international education programs, creation of various faculties on the basis of the state faculties with the qualified professorial staff, taking into account a structure of the Russian high schools and opportunities to add the Russian programs and modern western programs according to the world standards.

IUFS also offers International educational programs for students with the help of Russian and Foreign State Universities, Research Academies and International Universities. The IUFS Faculty of British Education offers University of Londonand other British Degree Qualifications for External Students. Over 1000 hours of "Action learning" class contact time with IUFS’s highly qualified lecturers in training.

From the year 2007 onwards, the IUFS offers GCSEs - General Certificate of Secondary Education, High School Diplomas and A-Level Qualifications of International Council for Secondary Education at the Preparatory Faculty.

  Also have Learning opportunities in Medical Education for healthcare professionals at the Faculty of Medicine - with State Medical University Programs with State Clinical Practice. These courses have been developed to meet the educational needs of a wide range of healthcare professionals. You can choose to study individual units or groups of units from and of the themes or you can join the Certificate, Diploma  Post Diploma , Special Doctor Training Diploma or Master's level programs of the University and have original Certificates from the University.

There are 31 Faculties at the IUFS and the Faculty of Management & Business Administration is a fully integrated management center offering inter-disciplinary programs for the education of managers at all levels. In additional to the Doctoral Program, the faculty provides facilities for MBA ( Master in Business Administration), a taught postgraduate course which can be taken on a full-time or part-time basis.

All students are admitted to International Degree Courses leading to degrees with Honours. The Degrees with Honours are classified as first Class, Second Class or Third Class.

International Students may follow their studies at IUFS for any part of their syllabuses - Level I, Level II or Level III or for further studies and the IUFS Examination is an internationally recognized qualification. After finishing one or two parts, the students will receive certificates and the final Examination can be taken both in IUFS and overseas and the study can be part-time or full-time at local college or via a Distant Learning Course.

The Faculty of Religion - offers Masters /Doctors Degree in Theology, Buddhism,  Islam etc..


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