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International University of Fundamental Studies 

Международный Университет Фундаментального Обучения


  The International University of Fundamental Studies (the IUFS) was founded in St. Petersburg in the Russian Federation in the year 1998. In 2015 IUFS moved to Moscow with new Registration of the Ministry of Justice (Moscow). IUFS is a Scientific Research University continually operating its activities with International higher Academic Council ( as a Complex Public Scientific Research Institution which is the first of such kind in the World. The IUFS is multi-functional in its goals and objectives. Also, IUFS partner of the the International Higher Academic Council (IHAC) where organized Dissertation Board (Convocation board og IHAC), where graduates can submit their dissertations in different fields of study and different spheres of Scientific-Research activities and thereby earn the International Postgraduate Degree Qualifications (On IHAC Subjects list - Nomenklature).

  The International University of Fundamental Studies (the IUFS) is a university, which tackles problems of international importance, and the scientists, representing the IUFS do possess well respected international prestige. The IUFS also prepares International Scientific and Management Personnel, including various activities within the IUFS, having substance of theoretical, practical and international importance.

  As a university the IUFS is universal indeed: it covers almost all sciences and spheres of activities of scientific importance.

  The IUFS is a unique university of a very special kind and level. It does not offer education in its traditional meaning, but the IUFS offers education that prepares already approved specialists to further high professional activity, proficiency and scientific research which are of great significance and importance.

  Specialists from different countries are tested by the Intergovernmental Higher Academic Council (the IHAC) under the purview of the IUFS, which confers International Scientific Degrees of Bachelor, Master, Doctor and Grand-Doctor. In this connection, the value of the International Scientific Degree, conferred by the IHAC, according to international standards, is followed by: "Bachelor, Master, Doctor, Grand-Doctor of Philosophy in certain field of science and scientifically significant activity".




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