Press Release

World Scientific Congress XI (WSC)

December 18, 2019


On the 18th of December in Saint Petersburg

World Scientific Congress XI (WSC)

on the issue “The Modern Science and the World: numbers and reality”

will be conducted.


The modern science can and should have the peace mission in the whole world. It has always been the main sense of all WSC.

WSC XI has a comprehensive emphasis upon it. 

The modern system crisis, which finds its negative reflection, is going on. 

The new and abortive attempts to pull the science out of the crisis are made, which are completely exhausted from all the positions (materialism, perfectionism, dualism, agnosticism). In fact, it has happened before. 

Today so-called “numbers fetishization” takes place.

Quite recently “machinery translation” and “nanotechnology” have been made the cornerstone of the science, The positive results came out to be negligible and even negative for both science and life. 

Actually, it can happen to any “fetish” in science: some accept it, while the others deny it.  

Moreover, “number” as “fetish” is imposed on science  by the powers not without a reason: they are truly interested in economic, social, political and aesthetical numbers fetishization without taking care of real spiritual and material interests of science. 

By its nature, science has the mission of human life improvement, both material and spiritual.   

It is high time to deal with the notions of “Interaction Philosophy” and “Number”, which role it plays in human’s life, both material and spiritual.

World is the material and spiritual interaction of different countries, nations and academic communities. Inadequate “numberization” imposes a real threat to the peace in the world, science development and progress; also it estranges people and prevents their safety. 

This issue will be considered at World Congress XI


Saint Petersburg (Russia), The House of Composers, Bolshaya Morskaya Street, House  45

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President of the congress – Prof. Shanti Jayasekara

Co-president of congress – Prof. Andrey Iezuitov